Praia Da Rocha Airport Transfers

Travelling to and from Praia da Rocha and Faro airport can be the most stressful part of a holiday!

Here are some useful facts and information about Faro airport.

Recent Renovations

Faro airport has recently gone through a large renovation adding multiple gift shops, eateries, and bars.

The new layout is questioned by some as travelers have to go to the desk on ground level to check-in.

Then head back and going upstairs to passport control.

This can be a real pain in the backside and to many makes no sense at all.

However, the new shops and the visual improvement really has brought Faro airport into the 21st century.

Now a No Smoking Airport

As many previous visitors will know there used to be a smoking area situated upstairs in the cafe/bar.

This has now been closed and all smokers will have to have their cigarettes before entering the airport.

Taxis are available on arrival however the queues can sometimes be 50 people deep.

Other times people may be able to just jump off the plane and straight into a taxi.

The only thing I will say about using taxis is they are much more expensive than the airport transfer companies.

That being said the Faro airport transfer companies vary from company to company for travel time and cost.

The shuttle services are by far the cheapest however you might find that you have to stand in the airport transfer queues for a long time, sometimes hours.

Private transfer companies also vary, some companies will transfer clients on the old N125 road.

Although undergoing massive improvements the road is still a haven for accidents.

The N125 road may leave you stuck behind a tractor, shepherd or any other slow moving vehicle.

This can massively increase your travel time.

For faro airport transfers we always recommend using a private company who use the A22 toll road.

Algarve365 Transfers come highly recommended by many locals, companies and many other people who have used them in the past.

They are a well-respected company with all drivers being originally from England, Ireland & Scotland.

Do You Use a Private or Shuttle?

We have attached some links below for you to make your own mind up when travelling to and from faro airport in your Praia da Rocha airport transfers.

Shuttle Service:

Private and Direct Service: